My Life Work

This is where I will put my life.  It should fit, but might run over the edges a little bit.

To begin with, here is my point of view on the world:

There is a oneness in everything, and I see it clearly.  Whether it is riding a bike, swimming, re-routing pipes and electrical in a house, training a dog, lighting a furnace, helping my kid with his math, playing the piano, birding, photography, writing SQL, woodworking, designing a bathroom, cleaning house, fixing/cleaning gutters, tearing off a roof, fixing a computer, cooking, theoretical physics, resetting your Genie garage door opener Intellicode wireless keypad remote access code, losing weight, roasting coffee, tearing a phone book in half, writing a book, etc., it is all just atoms and energy, being shoved around and working in the way in which we (humans) told it to work. We’re the ones pushing atoms. Sometimes, things don’t work in the way that we want. This is probably because the manner in which we are telling it to behave is incorrect.   When this happens to me, or if I see the potential for it happening to someone else, I will write about it and chances are excellent that I will post a video on YouTube, too.  My screen name there is also “Scorellis.”

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