How To be Yourself

Greetings – I am Scorellis,  AKA Scott.  Are you listening?

My friend Brent Ozar (this entire blog is his fault, BTW) once told me that you should never post your blog posts at unusual times; people that are subscribed to your blog won’t ever see it, it will get lost in the scroll.   Since this blog doesn’t have any subscribers, I feel OK breaking this rule.  What I do want to do is explain (quickly!) why I am doing this and why you should read it.

I know how to fix things that are broken.  (you can stop reading now if you like.) I began breaking things as soon as I could hold a screwdriver.  I think I was 5 when I took apart my Dad’s camera.  Sometime in my early to mid-twenties, I started to get the hang of putting things back together.  That was twenty years ago; I have been fixing broken things almost every day since then. What is the most complicated thing I ever fixed? I once yanked the action out of a piano (it made me mad) on a Friday afternoon and completely rebuilt it and got it back into the school’s piano in time for music class Monday morning.  That was actually more repetitious than anything…complex…hmmm. I’ll have to think about that. Right now, what I want to do, is make this information about how to fix things available to everyone.

First things last, though.  There are some rules here.  You have to be yourself.  I have observed that some people aren’t quite certain how to do this (not you! You are awesome,. just the way you are! But those friends of yours??…).  Here is a short list of things that help to remind me that I am Scorellis, and not anyone else:

  1. Today I am marching to the beat of my own drum..
  2. I will be enthusiastic about being “here,” wherever “here” may be.
  3. Rather than thinking outside the box, I am simply throwing the box away.
  4. I will sing out loud whenever the acoustics of a room, or my mood, requires it.
  5. I am cutting my loaves of bread lengthwise.
  6. I’m going to plant “weeds.”
  7.  I’m going to let my waiter pick my entree.
  8. I’m going to send people birthday cards when it is not their birthday.
  9. I’m going to carve paths through my yard and build the treasure map my son drew when he was 5.
  10. I won’t “inch forward” at traffic lights just because the person in front of me did.
  11. I no longer have a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, and a family room; I have a roasting room, a work room, a music room, and a learning room. All my house is my stage.
  12. Spontaneity will be the cornerstone to my reality.
  13. I will eat dessert and coffee for lunch.
  14. I will drive 45mph in the work zone when everyone else is going 60.
  15. I’m not going to live life by the numbers. I am going to forget how to count.
  16. I’m grabbing for the scissors, and making my own template.
  17. I am breaking change.

Some posts will be long, some will be short.  There will be how-to’s posted here that you wouldn’t give a rat’s ass in a cat storm to read. All I ask is that you stay tuned, and let me know what is bothering you, how can I help?  I don’t give relationship advice…that is my wife’s job.  She knows everything I need to know about being in a relationship; and what I don’t know, she’ll tell me. If I am listening  >:[=]

One final note:  Just about everything posted here will be original work.  For example, you will never, ever see a photo on this site that I  or someone (credited) that I know didn’t personally shoot.  In any project I show you, I will also (almost)  always try to use tools that are simple and easy to use. SO please refrain from comments like “Why don’t you just use a jigsaw?” or “Dude, just hit it with the Dremel.”  Not everyone has those things.  However, sometimes you will be right, and I will do that, but mostly I am just doing that because I am impatient, and have a lot to do!


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